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“Dan has been a huge asset as the Synod has faced up to the challenge of taking so much of its life online during the Lockdown.  He has played a significant part in our IT task force, not only in getting to grips with the technology, but also in supporting reluctant individuals and churches to embrace online communication.
Dan has worked with many churches to introduce and upgrade digital media.  Dan understands the needs of local congregations and works with them to find the best solution for their circumstances.”
Jamie Kissack, URC Yorkshire Synod Moderator
“Dan initially came to talk with a small group of elders on site in order to understand the issues we needed our new system to address and how we would want to be able to use it, both in our worship and in other aspects of our Church life.
He provided us with an easy to understand specification showing clearly how this addressed the brief. He and his team were able to source all the equipment and undertake all the installation work required within the timescale promised, as well as providing onsite training on its use for our group.
We are very satisfied with our new system and it was reassuring to have someone working with us who fully understood our requirements and who was able to explain the system and its uses to a group with very little technical knowledge and limited computer skills.”
Dore and Totley URC (AV System Installation)

“Thank you Dan for your excellent, professional livestreaming and recording of my father’s Thanksgiving Service today at Idle Upper Chapel. It was very well received by those who were unable to join us in person. It was great to have you on board.”

Livestreamed funeral at Idle Upper Chapel URC, Bradford.

“Dan was great from the start of our AV journey and initially helped us finalise our equipment list with consideration of our vision and existing equipment. Then, he sourced everything for us and came to install everything to get us started with the new technology, ensuring we were ready and enable to get going. He is helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Thanks Dan for all your assistance.”

“High degree of professionalism and patience demonstrated. Dan never once became flustered or stressed and was the very model of courtesy throughout. The whole event had a really nice atmosphere.
There wasn’t a question that we threw at him that he didn’t either know the answer to or was able to work out on the spot; with such a wide range of equipment he was very impressive. “

Livestreaming Equipment Installation, Hornsea URC

“Dan came to talk to us about what we needed to do to expand our AV equipment. We wanted to be able to show our services on zoom.

This consultation visit was more than him coming and saying you need this equipment and this is what it will cost. It was a conversation about the needs of our church and what was the best way of achieving them.

The installation went well and was very tidy and professional. There were a couple of issues that he solved.

The equipment we now have has enabled us to do what we required. It is easy to use and works very well.

The whole process with Dan was very professional. He answered all our questions and explained anything we needed to know. We would highly recommend him.”

Livestreaming Equipment Installation, Haresfinch URC

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