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I’ve been brought up around media. With a father working in IT consultancy, and a brother in (initially) broadcasting, now in digital solutions.
I’ve been brought up in ministry and the church. My grandfather was a minister in the United Reformed Church (URC).
Since starting as webmaster and social media manager for my home church (Edgeley Community Church) at the age of 13, as well as helping implement our new soundsystem, I have been hugely involved in all areas of media.
I was 17 when I became Communications Coordinator for URC Youth (FURY at the time) and took the communications through the transition to a new brand indentity and re-invigorating the online presence of URC Youth to become more inclusive and expansive.
Then followed a term as URC Youth Assembly Moderator, whilst I studied Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies at the University of Leeds.
Over the years I have contributed to many different areas of church life, including the production of the URC’s first Social Media Guidelines, Windermere Online Festivals and Reform Magazine. I currently serve on the URC’s Communications Committee, and Assessment Board. I have also been involved in developing a digital strategy for my church, St Andrew’s Roundhay.

Having always been so involved and interested in media, I took the next step forward and began working for URC Yorkshire Synod as a part-time Media for Ministry consultant. I continue to do this today. The role is highly varied, and since 2018 have expanded my knowledge and understanding, as well as increased the range of clients I work with. This now includes iChurch, the URC’s very own out-of-the-box website solution, and several synods across the denomination, as well as Methodist churches, circuits and districts.

Providing a service is one thing. People can learn how to build a website, and build one for others. People could get the hang of social media, and then teach others how to use it. But at Media for Ministry, we’re not just about that. First and foremost, we are Christ-centred. This is not just a job for us, but a calling. We feel called by God to use our skills in digital to further the Kingdom, to support churches in supporting others, and to help them spread the Good News in as many ways, and as effectively, as they can.

We also just ‘get’ churches. We have been brought up in and around them, so we know how they work (and how they don’t!). This contributes to how we work with churches, the ways in which we explain things, and more.

In February 2022, recognising that this role is so vital to the church, I expanded further and formed my company Media for Ministry officially, to spread the M4M ‘Way’ as far as I could.

We have, over time, my business with more equipment, knowledge and expertise, you can see some of the services we offer here.
We pride ourselves on doing a thorough job. Working with an organisation is not simply completing a task, but journeying. Exploring together what it means to be church in a digital age. We are honest and trustworthy and stake our name on our reputation.
A picture of Dan

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