The Media for Ministry team have put together training packages and more information about what training we can offer. Now available to access here on the website!

Sometimes you don’t really know what you need yet, and these packages can not only set you on your way to working that out, but also save you money!

Since its inception, training and development has been a huge part of Media for Ministry’s mission. We’re less about the ‘doing’, more about the ‘enabling’. By enabling others to do what we can (already) do, that’s long-term, that’s Kingdom-building, that’s sustainable.

Arguably that might, one day, put us out of business, but that’s a darn good reason!

We offer training on all aspects of digital media, websites, social media, video editing, using Zoom effectively (or other video-conferencing), how to host online/hybrid, using livestreaming kit, AV systems, and more!

Maybe you have a soundsystem you don’t know how to use? Or want to use more effectively?

Maybe you bought some livestreaming kit and want to make better use of it?

Maybe you want to explore how your website could be used as an effective tool for mission?

If any of these questions, and more, sound familiar, get in touch today!

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