The Church of England’s Digital Labs team have released dates for some more digital webinars!

There are two webinars available, one about Going Live on Social Media and the other about Editing Videos for Social Media.

Why Live?

Facebook Live is a particularly prevelant one right now. Facebook is really pushing Live at the moment. I’m sure we’ve all seen it, we’re getting notifications left right and centre for it. Facebook are proud of live, and they’re going to push it, whether you like it or not! As a consumer, maybe that’s annoying. But as a church with a Facebook page – that’s awesome!

And we’re not talking live just in terms of livestreaming your Sunday morning service. I’d generally recommend using YouTube for that – if you’re only going to use one! (Unless you pay for a third-party service, you can only stream to one at a time).

Some churches use LIVE just for quick promotion videos, again, they will get pushed up people’s feeds, so that’s great for you! LIVE is great, too, because it gives that authenticity, that unedited feel. (Although you can use software to give the impression of a pre-recorded video being pushed through LIVE – get in touch to find out more!).

For inspiration on using live in a more creative way, check out:

  • The Bridge Church, Otley – Jason McCullagh, the minister there, is a real technophobe (he won’t mind me saying that, at all!) but is using Facebook Live before Sunday morning services to speak directly to those who may not be joining in-person. It also helps to show people a bit around the church, and how buzzing it is on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Jason’s on sabbatical now until May! But do message their FB page if you want some tips!
  • Revd. Alan Crump – Alan pushes live video from his personal Facebook profile but this could easily be modelled on your church’s Facebook PAGE, or simply shared from your personal profile onto your page. Alan documents parts of his prayer runs, and generally any updates from the churches with whom he ministers. Again, it’s something different! Contact Alan here if you’d like to know more!

The links to sign up for these digital webinars are here:

Going Live

Editing Videos for Social Media

I love these webinars, they’re very simple, and always picking up on the hot topics of the moment and FREE!

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